Community Process and Facilitation

If you Want Excellent Outcomes, then Develop Capacity in Excellent Process

I have been involved with eco projects for almost 30 years. I saw from the start, that lack of capacity in the Human Ecosystems is almost always the main “Limiting Factor in the Ecosystems. So, a core focus of my practice is supporting people and projects to develop capacity in our human relationships. This is a strategic development, as the human resource costs and limitations in any system have a huge effect on outcomes. It you want generative, co-creative, healthy, successful projects, then here are some pathways of support:

  • Eco community design
  • Visioning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Conflict Navigation
  • Emotional Literacy Development
  • Ecological Patterns Applied to Human Ecologies

“Supporting Skill in Human Processes
Is Essential to Effective Eco Design.”