Jillian Hovey

Facilitator of Regenerative Systems Design

Supporting people & communities to co-create regenerative solutions for meeting their needs, while helping to heal the planet.

Meet Jillian:

For over 30 years now, I have been on a journey of listening  –  to the land, myself, and others.

I love my work, and am very glad to have grown the skills to support people to learn about sustainable & regenerative design. Since the beginning, I have also found that no matter how much we know about land, we need to understand the human landscapes as well.  My specialty is  synergistically combining the land and human ecologies to work from a  wholistic frame  – and from there the designs we develop are truly powerful.

..”Combining the land and human ecologies
to work from a  wholistic frame”

Paths of Service

My work is wholistic, with interconnecting aspects.

Here are the main portals for engaging with me:


Land-Based Design

It is one of my great joys to connect with landscapes, and facilitate the process of developing beautiful, place-based plans to bring people’s dreams to life!   

    Teaching and Speaking

    I have a passion and strength for supporting people to re-connect with the world around them, and inside themselves.

    Community Process and Facilitation

    Supporting  the  development of capacity in human processes is an art, and is integrally important to successful design, projects, and communities.

      Coaching and Mentorship

      Having a supportive coach or mentor can make all the difference in our success on life’s unfolding journey. 



      Supporting people & projects to move towards more sustainable/regenerative ways of living is at the core of my work. No matter where I go, there are good people, and good projects. I use my knowledge to teach, use my facilitation and community process skills to facilitate processes, I use my land and design skills to teach and co-create designs, and I use my coaching and mentorship to go into deeper relationships with individuals, small groups, and sometimes, whole communities.

      Examples of my work in the world

      Harmonia Eco Community

      Creative design process over several sessions with community founder, on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, Cardenas, Nicaragua.

      Permaculture Eduation

      On-site  permaculture training for students at the  Palestine Technical University –  Kadoorie, Tulkarm, Palestine

      Regenerative Site Planning

      Permaculture and Ecovillage Education, community process, and site work. Sandele Eco Resort, Kartong, The Gambia, West Africa.

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